HR Helpline Service

One hour of my time can probably save MANY hours of your time!

Take advantage of over 25 years of experience in supporting Directors and line managers with the full range of HR issues and receive:
  • Answers
  • Solutions
  • Guidance
  • Follow Up
  • Peace of Mind

As a business owner you will be all too aware how frequently HR matters can crop up and how quickly a simple matter can develop into a major headache. When one of those headaches crops up you need an answer today – not next week!

My ‘HR Helpline Service’ is here for you to use just when you need it, I will provide straight-forward answers to your HR questions, no matter how routine they might be. Whether you want to check the steps you need to follow when investigating a potential case of gross misconduct, discuss an employee with an unsatisfactory absence record or double check statutory entitlements such as holiday or maternity, I will be able offer as much or as little support as you need.

I follow up every conversation with a written summary of the key points of the discussion with the step by step advice I provided. I will attach any template letters, forms, meeting scripts or other documents you may need to implement the advice I have provided.

Practical solutions and guidance to quickly resolve your HR headaches.

Benefits of the HR Helpline Service

If you decide to take advantage of my experience in handling employment issues you will benefit from …

Answer Your Questions Button Quick and Practical Answers To Your Questions
When you have a question about the application of a HR policy or how to handle a HR situation that is happening in your business I will talk through what is happening with you and will provide a practical and legally compliant solution. You will always talk to me, there’s no call centre or scripts here and if you need to call back you don’t need to start right back at the beginning! I respond quickly too, if something is happening in your business you need a solution today not tomorrow or next week.

Here are some questions that users of the service have asked recently, Would you know how to respond to each of these situations?

  • An employee who is coming to the end of her 52 week maternity period has just told me she is pregnant again. Is she entitled to another period of maternity leave and pay?
  • If I suspect an employee is stealing stock can I sack him today?
  • An employee is taking regular days off for minor complaints, what can I do?
  • A relatively new employee is just not meeting my expectations, can I dismiss her?
  • An employee has taken two weeks paternity leave earlier in the year and has now told me his wife will be returning to work and he will be taking the remaining amount of her maternity leave and pay, can he do this?
  • We recently made an offer of employment following an interview, one of the references is not satisfactory. Can I withdraw the offer?

Whatever HR issue you are faced with, as a user of my HR Helpline service you will receive clear, concise, uncomplicated advice and guidance.

Range of Solutions Button Range of Solutions
If you choose to work with me you’ll find I won’t baffle you with legal jargon nor will I sit on the fence by delivering a zero risk approach. Whatever HR situation you are facing I will probably have seen it before and will provide a straightforward explanation of the range of options available to you and will explain any risks associated with those options. You are then able to make a decision that is right for your business.
Step by Step Guidance Button Step by Step Guidance
I will provide step-by-step instructions so you know exactly where you are in the process and will keep you on track with what needs to be done next. I will also provide template letters and meeting scripts to ensure that are able to implement the advice I have provided.


Follow Up
I will follow up the advice with an email confirming the discussion(s) and will attach any documents, such as letters and check lists for meetings, from my library which you will enable you to implement the advice.
Peace of Mind Button Provide Peace of Mind
Receiving tailored, quality HR advice when you need it will enable you to confidently deal with the HR issues you face on a daily basis.
You don’t have to spend hours looking on the Internet for an answer that you can’t be certain is accurate
Recover Your Time Button Saves Your Time
You don’t have to spend hours searching the Internet for information that when you find it you can’t really be sure whether it’s legally compliant.

The sooner you get in touch, the sooner I can start saving your business time, money and worry as I take the burden of Employment Law off your shoulders.

Join Now and receive Unlimited Remote Support Immediately

A regular user agreement provides you with unlimited remote HR support, HR documents to enable you to implement the advice I provide and peace of mind that your business is protected.

If you join today you will receive instant access to:

  • Unlimited telephone and email support, for when those HR headaches crops up in your business – no more panic moments at 4am!!!
  • HR documents, such as letters and meeting check lists and scripts, which will enable you to implement the advice I’ve provided.
  • Alerts and reminders from me that keep you up to date on new legislation and current hot topics in HR
Unlimited Remote Advice

I have a proven track record of been the first point of contact for staffing issues in businesses and will be able to provide you with practical advice and support to deal with your HR matter, whilst ensuring you remain compliant with complex employment legislation.

I will find out everything I need to know about your situation before providing you with the best solution to suit your requirements.

I appreciate how difficult it is to discuss, listen and take notes at the same time, so always provide you with written confirmation of my advice, so that you have a step by step process to follow along with all the letters, forms or meeting scripts you will need to implement the process.

You pay a fixed monthly fee based on the number of employees you have and whether you want to take out a one or two year subscription.

On-site support is available at an extra cost for when you want the reassurance of having an on site HR presence for support with the more complex HR situations that can crop up in any business. For instance: attendance at management meetings or to support you with specific HR projects such as annual appraisals, complex disciplinary situations, coordinating a recruitment programme or planning and implementing a restructuring programme.

If your headcount is less than 20 then I’d be happy for you to subscribe to this service but you may find my Ready To Go HR Department is of more interest to you.

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