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What type of roles do you recruit for?
With over 20 experience in the HR industry I can help you recruit any HR role from a HR Administrator to a HR Business Partner. I also have a vast amount of experience in recruiting roles in the accounting and financial services industry as well as healthcare, sales and IT professionals. If your role doesn’t fall into those categories, don’t worry, let me know what your requirements are and I will give you a quote.

How many people can I recruit?
You are free to recruit as many candidates as you like. One of my clients recruited 3 candidates from one campaign.

How long do you advertise for?
Most jobs I advertise are filled within 4 weeks. But some roles take a little longer so I will run your advert for as long as I need to! I will ensure your advert gets the best exposure for as long as it needs to attract the best candidates. If you are working to a deadline please let me know at the start of the campaign.

How do you support the candidates?
Every single applicant will receive a message from me acknowledging receipt of their application. I will keep short listed candidates up to date with their progress through the process, so they don’t loose interest if things go quiet for a week or so. Once the interviews are arranged I ensure each candidate is fully prepared: they will know how to find you, where to park and what to expect at the interview. I will also make sure your unsuccessful applicants are notified that their application has been unsuccessful.

How much will I pay you?
You will pay one low fee of £599 for each unique role that you are recruiting for.

Once you successfully recruit a candidate I will charge you a completion fee of £299.

When do I pay you?
I will request the £599 at the start of the project.

The completion fee becomes payable when your chosen candidate(s) has started working for you. so if you recruit more than one candidate you will receive a closure invoice for each candidate, unless they all start on the same day, in which case I will add them together on one invoice.

What happens if you don’t fill my vacancy?
I don’t profess to perform miracles, but if there is a suitable candidate in your location and looking for the salary you are offering I will find them. Where quality candidates are not applying I will perform searches of passive candidates on at least one of the major job boards to gain further exposure for you.

What happens if I want to repeat a previous campaign?
If the previous campaign closed within the last 12 weeks I will go back through the short listed candidates to see if any of those are still available and interested. If they are and you decide to appoint one of those candidates I will simply charge you the completion fee of £299 at the point that your new recruit starts work with you.

If the campaign closed longer ago, or you decide the shortlisted candidates that are available and interested are not suitable then I will run the vacancy as a new campaign and therefore the full fee will be payable.

What happens if my circumstances change?
If, at any time after I have published your advert you decide not to proceed with the vacancy a cancellation fee of £599 will apply, therefore no refund will be due. If your circumstances change I am happy to pause your recruitment campaign for a short period of time while you assess your options. If you make significant changes to a vacancy, such as salary range, job location or required skills and experience that results in a newly worded advert and revised approach to advertising locations then a surcharge of £299 will become payable.

What if the successful candidate doesn’t work out?
If you become aware during the first 12 weeks of employment that the employee has lied about qualifications or experience that you had stated were essential requirements for the role and you dismiss them because of this, then I will work with you to find a replacement at not extra charge.

If the candidate resigns or you dismiss them because they simply aren’t working out as you expected and they leave within a 12 week period I will work with you to find a replacement. The fees you would pay in this situation would be:

0 – 2 weeks no fee
3 – 4 weeks 20% of the full fee, payable on successful recruitment of a replacement
5 – 6 weeks 40% of the full fee, payable on successful recruitment of a replacement
7 – 8 weeks 60% of the full fee, payable on successful recruitment of a replacement
9 – 12 week period 80% of the full fee, payable on successful recruitment of a replacement.

If the candidate leaves after 12 weeks have elapsed then the full fee would be payable if you asked me to recruit a replacement.

Why should I use Kea rather than another recruitment company?
I will be honest with you about the chances of finding your ideal candidate quickly. I will save you money when compared to the cost of using a traditional recruitment agency. I will save you time reading all those unsuitable CVs and communicating with unsuccessful candidates.

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