Every job is different, some may achieve an excellent response rate from one recruitment website whilst others may need posting on a range of recruitment websites in order to reach the widest possible target audience. Where I feel advertising on one or more general or role specific recruitment website is appropriate for your vacancy I will discuss and agree the costs with you prior to placing your advert.

General Recruitment Websites
I include an advert on Reed as standard, but if an advert on one of the other general recruitment website would be beneficial then you can expect to pay the following:
  • Monster: £190 + VAT for a 30 day posting
  • TotalJobs: £149 + Vat for a 28 day posting
  • Fish4Jobs: £199 + VAT for a 28 day posting

I also use Indeed, there charging policy is more complex than the sites listed above.

  • Free Advertising
    Occasionally they will allow an advert to be listed for free, if this option is available I will utilise it but free adverts do not receive as much visibility as paid for adverts so the number of applications will be lower.

  • Paid For Advertising
    Paid for adverts appear in more prominent positions and receive increased visibility to free adverts. The fees paid are based on a cost per click and clicks will vary in value, remember a click doesn’t necessarily mean you receive an application. There are three budget options: an average daily budget, an average monthly budget or a total budget. This means if we set an average daily budget of £5 after 28 days the fee would be roughly £140, alternatively we could set the total budget for the campaign as £140, in which case the advert would be paused when the budget was used, that might be sooner than 28 days and we would need to increase the budget if we wanted to reactivate the advert. Increasing the budget increases the visibility of the advert and this should therefore return a higher volume of candidates. Whichever budget option we choose it is variable, for instance we may decide to set an average daily budget of £5 to see what response that returns, if after a few days we haven’t received a great response we could increase the daily budget to an average of £10 to see if that improves the response rate.

    I will confirm the cost of the advert prior to placing it online and will send you an invoice for the cost.

    Industry and Role Specific Recruitment Websites
    For senior roles and those that require specialist skills and experience I will place your advert on recruitment websites that are aimed specifically at your target audience. Here are some examples of the kind of roles I’m asked to recruit for and the websites I might use:
    • HR Professionals Personnel Today at a cost of £499 + VAT for a 30 day posting
    • Chartered Accountants ICAEW Jobs at a cost of £495 + Vat for a 28 day posting
    • IT Professionals Computer Jobs at a cost of £299 + VAT for a 30 day posting
    I will source appropriate media for your role and will confirm the costs with you prior to placing the advert. Once confirmed I will send you an invoice for the cost.
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