Fully Managed Recruitment Service

For a very low fee I’m like your very own Recruitment Manager

When you choose to partner with me I will work as part of your management team to successfully recruit the people you need, when you need them.

Prior to starting work on your recruitment campaign I will agree with you:

  • what we are recruiting,
  • how we are going to do it, and
  • the time scale and advertising budget we are working to.

Managing a comprehensive recruitment campaign can be very time consuming. Making it tempting to rush in and grab the best of a bad bunch just to get a bum on that vacant seat.

During my career as a HR professional each of my positions has involved recruitment. I have successfully recruited people for a wide range of roles in a wide range of sectors including HR, IT, accountancy, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution. I have also managed high volume recruitment campaigns for newly formed and expanding businesses. I have reviewed thousands of applications and CV’s and have conducted hundreds of interviews, selection tests and assessment centres.

I understand how important it is to recruit the right people each and every time you recruit and how much time that process takes. With that in mind I designed my low cost fully managed Recruitment Service to take away all those time consuming parts of the process and make sure that you only have to deal with the serious candidates.

Whether you are looking to recruit your first employee, need to quickly ramp up your headcount or are looking to recruit a HR Administrator or HR Manager for your business, I am here to help you.

I work in partnership with you and unlike traditional recruitment agencies I’m not a salesperson with strict targets to meet so when you work with me I won’t hassle you for assignments, fill your inbox with speculative CV’s or hassle you for feedback! When I send you some CV’s I will give you time to read them thoroughly and consider my notes from the telephone conversation I’ve had with each of the candidates and let you contact me when you’ve made a decision.

I act quickly and most vacancies are filled within 4 weeks

What You Can Expect When You Outsource Your Recruitment Activities to Kea

I provide a fully managed recruitment campaign from preparation of the job description through to reference checking the successful candidate

I work as part of your management team, I’m not a recruitment agency that has a database of candidates that I desperately want you to employ with no real inclination as to how they ‘fit’ into your team.

If you chose to work with me I will …

Discuss Your Requirements
I will work with you to understand the duties and responsibilities that will be assigned to the job and agree the essential skills and experience the ideal person would need to have to be able to perform those duties effectively. This drastically improves the recruiting process from the very start by weeding out those who simply do not fit. A vague job description and advert will attract a poor response in terms of quality candidates, an advert that is specific about requirements in terms of skills and experience will screen out poor applicants. If your requirements are aiming too high your advert will exclude candidates who would be a perfect fit for your job.

Time invested here really does save time further down the process.

Upload Your Advert to the Recruitment Websites
I will write your advert to attract a wide range of quality candidates who will be suitable for your role. I will use a range of recruitment websites that are suitable for your role, including the Governments Find a Job site and major job boards such as Indeed, Reed, TotalJobs and Monster. When appropriate I may recommend using a specialist professional recruitment website. I also make full use of social media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. By advertising the job in several places you expose your business to a larger audience, this will help increase your odds of connecting with your ideal employee. I will discuss the different recruitment websites with you and will recommend those that will return the best applications for your position and budget.

Inappropriately worded and placed adverts will fail to generate quality candidates making the process costly and unproductive.

CV Database Search of Leading Job Boards
If you are wanting to move quickly or your role is proving a little difficult to fill then I may need to spread the word a little wider and look for passive candidates rather than waiting for suitable active ones to apply. Most of the recruitment websites offer database access.

Not all candidates are actively looking for a new role.

Match the Candidate’s Skills and Experience to Your Requirements
I use a consistent approach to screen each candidate and filter out the poor and over qualified candidates by objectively comparing the relevance of their skills and experience to your requirements. This filtering ensures the CVs you receive are from candidates with the closest match to your requirements – saving your valuable time.

This stage of the process should be done carefully and methodically, otherwise your best candidate could get missed.

Carry Out Telephone Interviews with Quality Candidates
I will carry out a detailed telephone interview with each candidate prior to adding them to your shortlist. This is a useful exercise to clarify any questions or doubts about the candidate before adding them to the shortlist. The shortlist you receive will be accompanied by my feedback – saving your valuable time.

This important step in the process helps eliminate unsuitable candidates and promote candidates whose CV is missing relevant information.

Coordinate the Arrangements for the Interviews
I will coordinate the arrangements for the formal interviews and will support you with preparing appropriate interview questions. I will ask candidates whether they have any special requirements in relation to the interview including aids and adaptations and will ensure their questions are answered and they are prepared for the interview. I also remind candidates on the morning of the interview, to help prevent no shows.

A well conducted interview should form the basis of every selection process.

Support You And Your Preferred Candidate From Offer to Commencement
When you’ve chosen your ideal candidate I can negotiate your offer with them and ensure their questions are answered promptly. I will also support your candidate through the resignation process and through the first few days of their new relationship with you.

If you attach conditions to the offer you make I will ensure those conditions are satisfied before the employee starts work with you.

Carry Out Pre-employment Checks
When you’ve chosen your ideal candidate I will carry out comprehensive pre-employment checks, including references from previous employers, checking the right to work in the UK and any qualifications or professional accreditations that are essential requirements for your role. The purpose of the reference is to provide relevant additional information and to act as a check on information provided by the candidate. References that contain factual information about a job applicant’s past experience and performance can be a sound predictor of his or her future performance in a similar role.

References from recent employers are the most useful.

Provide Feedback
I will remain in regular contact with your shortlisted candidates so they are kept up to date with the progress of their application. Once you’ve completed the interview process I will reject all those unsuitable candidates and provide specific feedback to those who attend an interview but were unsuccessful.

Keeping candidates updated on their progress through the recruitment process helps ensure they remain positive about your company and role.

All you need to do is decide which candidates you will interview and then Interview them

How I Can Help You

With over 20 experience in the HR industry I can help you recruit:
  • HR Administrators
  • HR Officers
  • HR Business Partners
  • HR Managers
  • Payroll Officers and Managers
  • L&D Officers and Managers
I also have a vast amount of experience in recruiting:
  • Accounting professionals
  • Administrators, Secretarial Staff and PA’s
  • Financial Services professionals
  • Healthcare professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Sales and Business Development professionals

Need help with a different role? Just let me know what the role is, I’m sure I’ll be able to help

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Recruitment Activities to Kea

The fact is, however you manage the process, shortlisting for most roles is always going to require a big investment of your time. Here at Kea HR & Recruitment we regularly handle roles for our clients that generate high volumes of response; we recently had 200+ applications for a delivery driver role and regularly deal with vacancies generating several hundred applications.

Some organisations prefer to recruit for lower level roles internally, but these are the ones that typically eat into your valuable time. If you think your working hours could be better spent, talk to us about handling your vacancy. We’ll deal with all the administration and candidate liaising, and will interview all candidates, prior to sending you a shortlist. We also try to make sure all applicants have a positive recruitment experience, whether they are successful or not, and we will always present your organisation to candidates as an attractive opportunity.

Save Your Time
I take away all the administration so after the initial briefing meeting your involvement will be to choose, from a small selection of candidates, which candidates you wish to invite to the interview stage. I telephone interview all candidates that demonstrate a good match to your requirements, I keep every candidate updated of their status in the process and will answer any queries they have on your behalf.
Save Your Money
Compared to recruitment agencies I deliver a superior service at a vastly reduced rate. When you work with me you will pay one low fee per role you are recruiting for and then a second low fee for each person you recruit into that role; that can save you thousands of pounds when compared to extensive percentages of salary fees that a recruitment agency will charge.
Receive Quality Candidates
I won’t waste your time by filling your inbox with loads of CV’s in the hope that one will stand out. The candidates I present to you will have gone through an agreed process, that means I will send you a small selection, usually no more than 6, of candidates that demonstrate a very close match to your specific requirements. From that small selection you can decide whether you interview them all or select 3 or 4 to interview.

You tell me your requirements then get on with running your business

How Much Does The Service Cost?

I don’t take a percentage of the salary you offer your new employee, this is a Fixed Fee Service, that means you pay one low cost fee per vacancy, regardless of how many people you recruit.

I charge an initial set up fee of £599 for each role that you are recruiting for. I do this so I am sure you are committed to recruiting and if your requirements change before an appointment is made then at least some of the time I have invested in finding your ideal candidates and expenses I have incurred in placing recruitment adverts is covered.

Once you have successfully recruited an employee I charge you a completion fee of £299 per person that you successfully recruit

So assuming you recruit 1 candidate your total fee would be £898 and if you chose to recruit 2 candidates your total fee would be £1,197.

Boost Your Recruitment Campaign

These optional extras will help to boost your standard recruitment campaign.

Advertising on General and Industry or Location Specific Recruitment Websites
Every job is different, some may achieve an excellent response rate from one recruitment website whilst others may need posting on a range of recruitment websites in order to reach the widest possible target audience. Where I feel advertising on one or more general or role specific recruitment website is appropriate for your vacancy I will discuss and agree the costs with you prior to placing your advert.

Read About Advertising Fees…

CV Database Search of Leading Job Boards
Not all candidates are actively looking for a new role. If you are wanting move quickly or your role is proving a little difficult to fill then I may need to spread the word a little wider and look for passive candidates rather than waiting for suitable active ones to apply. Most of the recruitment websites offer database access. If I think this is appropriate way forward for your role I will obtain a price and discuss the benefits and costs with you prior to taking any action.
Preparation of Skills and Knowledge Tests
Where appropriate I will prepare tests that check each candidate’s ability in an area that is highly relevant to the job, and if that factor cannot be assessed more efficiently by other means.

Read About Testing Candidates…

What You Need to Do

Tell Me About Your Vacancy
Click the ‘Get Started Now’ button and complete my simple online form. Once I received your completed form I will contact you to discuss your vacancy in more detail. This will include taking a detailed brief about your company culture and working style so I can find the perfect candidate(s) for your role.
Select Who You Will Interview
You select the most appropriate candidates from the shortlist I send you and interview them. If required I will join you on the day of the interviews to meet and greet and generally make sure everything runs smoothly, if you are on your own and would welcome a second opinion I can play an active role in the interviews.
Welcome Your New Employee
This is your opportunity to welcome your new employee to your business and help them to adjust to working in it. This is an important but often overlooked process, if you need some support I can help you with that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the link to find answers to the questions I get asked the most about my Fully Managed Recruitment Campaign Service.

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