Provide Support While You Manage a Redundancy Situation

Involving a professional adivsors in your tough decision making processes makes sound business sense!

The Coronavirus Pandemic is putting a huge strain on every business in the UK. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme provided financial support from 1 March and on 12 May 2020 the Government extended the CJRS to 31 October 2020, although it will operate on a reduced basis from 1 August 2020. Despite this extension you may still find yourself in the situation where you don’t have as much work as did before and will be considering cost saving measures including reducing the number of employees in your business.

From 1 August employers will be required to pay towards the cost of the wages paid to furloughed employees for instance from 1 August you will have to pay the employee’s National Insurance and Pension Contributions for your furloughed employees and from 1 September when you pay the furloughed employee 80% of their normal wages the Government will reimburse you 70% and from 1 October their contribution will reduce to 60%. If your business is still dormant or you’re in one of the sectors that might not be 100% back up and running by then you may find you can not afford those payments and will therefore be forced to make some or all of your employees redundant. Whilst no-one wants to find themselves in this situation it is important to act sooner rather than later in order to secure the future of your business.

Redundancy must be handled in the most fair, consistent and sympathetic manner possible.

Benefits of the Kea HR Redundancy Fixed Price Project

My Redundancy Fixed Price Project provides easy to follow, step by step, guidance on how to deal with redundancy.

Protects Your Business

My Redundancy Fixed Price Project summarises all of your responsibilities in a logical order so you can’t go wrong. Carefully written guidance notes will ensure decisions are made promptly, fairly and consistently within your business and the comprehensive series of letters and meeting scripts cover every scenario.

Provides Instant Legal Compliance

I am constantly reviewing the content of my template documents. So you can be confident the documents you are relying on are legally compliant and absolutely certain that there are no inadvertent discriminatory or any other breaches that can come back and cause major and costly problems at a later stage.

Customised To Your Business

All the resource materials such as letters and meetings scripts, are provided in Microsoft Word format so you can save them to your PC for future reference. I will produce them either on or to fit your letterhead and will add your company logo to policies and reformat the font styles to suit your company style.

Easy To Navigate
The Managers Guidance Notes and resource materials are grouped by the stages in the process i.e. selecting the pool of candidates, selecting the selection criteria, consultation etc. So it’s easy to find everything that relates to that stage in the process. As you read the step by step guidance notes you will find blank versions of the resource materials are provided in the order that you will need them. as you reach each stage in the process I will provide formatted letters etc for your particular circumstances that are ready for you to print off and sign.
Saves Your Time

I have done all the work for you, the Management Guidance Notes save your time by providing practical guidance on what you need to know and what you need to do and the resource materials mean you can simply click and go.

When you subscribe to my Redundancy Fixed Price Project you will be taking the first steps towards protecting your business

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What You Will Receive with this Fixed Price HR Project

This Fixed Price HR Project is suitable for employers needing to make 19 or less employees redundant within a rolling 90 day period

With this Fixed Price HR Project I will guide you step by step through your redundancy situation.

Initially I will attend your business premises, or we can meet off site if confidentiality is an issue, to find out where you are now and where you want to be, from there I will provide step by step technical advice to guide you, clearly and concisely through the process from making the initial announcement, through consultation arrangements and choosing who will be made redundant and ensuring you apply the correct notice periods and pay the correct redundancy payments.

I will ask you to provide information about your employees: length of service, age and rates of pay (you don’t need to provide the names at this stage). From this I will prepare redundancy calculations and confirm the notice period for each employee.

After the meeting I will prepare and process plan with timings based on your circumstances. The process plan will detail exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. To help you navigate through the process plan I will provide a copy of my comprehensive Managers Guidance Notes To Redundancy, see below for details of the topics the Guidance Notes cover.

As you reach each step in the process plan I will provide bespoke letters, if you provide me with an electronic copy of your company letterhead I will prepare the letters on that so all you have to do is print them off.

I will be available, at no extra charge, to provide you with a quick check on the interpretation or application of the content of your process plan, the managers guidance notes and the content of the supporting documentation that I provide. I will also be available to attend meetings with your employees to answer difficult questions they might ask and to take comprehensive minutes.

Unlimited advice tailored to your specific situation will ensure you act fairly and reasonably.

Managers Guidance Notes Supporting Documents

The Managers Guidance Notes provide essential material and have been compiled to support you step by step through your redundancy exercise:

  • Step 1: Selecting the Pool of Candidates
  • Step 2: Choosing the Selection Criteria
  • Step 3: Notifify the Affected Employees and the Rest of the Workforce
  • Step 4: Applying the Selectia Criteria
  • Step 5: Individual Consultation Meetings
  • Step 6: Notifying the Employees of the Decision
  • Step 7: Notice to Terminate Employment
  • Step 8: Appeals
As you reach each step in the process I will provide all the letters, forms and meeting scripts you will need to navigate through the process. Each document will be adapted to your individual circumstances and will be prepared on your company letterhead using your preferred font and styles.

  1. Quick Reference Guide
  2. Redundancy Ready Reckoner
  3. Selection Criteria Matrix
  4. At Risk Meeting Check List
  5. Confirmation of At Risk of Redundancy with Invite to Consultation Meeting
  6. FAQs – to give to your employee
  7. Notice to all staff – confirmation of potential redundancies
  8. Individual Consultation Meeting Script
  9. Offer of Alternative Employment
  10. Confirmation that Employment will Continue, Job No Longer At Risk
  11. Invite to Confirmation Meeting
  12. Formal Notice Meeting Check List
  13. Formal Notice of Redundancy
  14. Final Pay Information Sheet
  15. Accept or Decline Request From Employee For Early Release From Notice Period
  16. Letter Withdrawing Notice Following Change of Circumstances
  17. Invite to Appeal Meeting
  18. Confirmation of Appeal Meeting
Guidance Notes

Total pages: 53
Last updated: June 2018 to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Resource Materials

Total pages: 35
Last updated: June 2018 to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

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If you are intending to make 20 or more redundancies in a rolling 90 day period the process is more complex. I am still able to support and guide you through the process but the price will be dependent on your particular circumstances. If you are in this situation please request a free consultation.


What I Need From You To Get Started

I need you to provide a copy of your contract of employment and employee handbook so I can ensure I comply with any redundancy related policies you have in place.

I will ask you to provide information about your employees: length of service, age and rates of pay (you don’t need to provide the names at this stage). From this I will prepare redundancy calculations and confirm the notice period for each employee.

What My Customers Say

This is the fourth time we have sought advice from Kathryn. She always provides very good, sound and practical advice.
I highly recommended her.
We asked Kathryn to provide advice to one of our clients who due to ill health had decided to close their business. She gave excellent advice and kept us informed of progress as well. We will recommend her to more clients. We recently introduced new ways of working which meant we didn’t need as many employees. Kathryn did an excellent job and was very patient with us while we made our decisions. We will definitely work with her again.

How Much Does it Cost?

The price for this Fixed Price Project is £599.00. I guarantee you will not pay any more than the price quoted for the agreed project.
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