Whilst there is no legal requirement for a business to have an employee handbook it does make sense to make your employees aware of the policies which are referred to in their contract of employment and the easiest way of doing this is to display them together in an employee handbook.

Top 6 Benefits of Introducing an Employee Handbook into Your Business

  • Every Employee Receives the Same Information
    Avoiding confusion which could lead to grievances. Imagine if one employee pops in your office and asks you about carrying over a few days annual leave because they haven’t had time to take them, you have a chat with them about workload and agree to the carry over. Later that day as you are rushing out of the office to a meeting another employee sees you waiting for the lift and says they have too much holiday left over and you say ‘you’ll fit it in’.
  • Every Employee Knows What You Expect From Them
    Your employee’s can not say you had not told them that it was not acceptable to do something.
  • Every Employee Knows What They Can Expect From You
    When you put your policies in writing your employees will feel they are being applied equally.
  • Every Employee Knows Where To Look For Information
    Saving you time answering simple and repetitive questions such as your policy on compassionate leave or the rules on using mobile phones at work. Having a medium where employees can check out the answers to these questions rather than having to ask you will really save your time and ensure every employee receives the same answer.
  • Ensures A Consistent Approach
    Have you ever found yourself trying to remember what you did before in a particular situation? Your Employee Handbook should be a comprehensive reference book that sets out expectations from both sides and when it’s set out in a logical, clear and easy to read format, it can be a really useful document providing clarity and consistency for everyone.
  • Protects Your Business
    Your employee handbook will help minimise the chance of you ending up in a potentially costly employment tribunal because clear, well-defined policies help you make decisions more quickly, confidently, and consistently. When your Employee Handbook carefully spells out your employment policies misunderstandings will occur less frequently and if an employee does get confused about your expectations then resolving that confusion will be straight-forward. Both managers and staff know where they stand and policies are clear and unbiased and apply to all staff equally so there is less risk of grievance, disciplinary and employment tribunal claims. It may seem like an unnecessary expense but the cost of preparing a Handbook would be considerably less than the time spent preparing for and defending a claim at a tribunal.

How I Can Help You Introduce an Employee Handbook into Your Business

Bespoke Employee Handbook

Need a comprehensive Employee Handbook but don’t the time or expertise to complete the task yourself, then this is the option for you

I have many years experience in writing Employee Handbooks from scratch and will tailor the content of your Employee Handbook to reflect your working practices whilst taking into account your specific business needs and future goals.

If you would like an Employee Handbook that is aligned with your company culture, creates consistency and fairness across your business and provides employees with clear expectations, standards and guidance then give me a call today to arrange your free consultation.

Ready To Go Employee Handbook

A simple but professional Employee Handbook which is ideal for new businesses and those on the tightest of budgets

If you are a new or smaller business whose benefits structure reflects the statutory provisions and want to implement a simple yet professional employee handbook then my Ready To Go Employee Handbook will provide an excellent starting point.

All you need to do is provide a few basic details and I will create your ‘Ready to Go’ Employee Handbook which will then grow with your business.

Review Your Existing Employee Handbook

I will review your existing Employee Handbook for compliance with employment legislation.

My report will detail which sections of your Employee Handbook are out of date because legislation has changed and therefore putting your business at risk with my recommendations for bringing them up to date. I will also include my general observations for improving the user friendliness of your Employee Handbook.

By ensuring all your HR policies are legally compliant, consistent and easily understood, your business will effectively reduce the number of problems that could arise and will deal efficiently and effectively with those that do, managing the risk to your business and saving costs in the future.

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