HR Toolkit: Sickness Absence

This HR Toolkit: Sickness Absence will help you to deal with absence issues fairly and speedily, before they develop into major problems.

Complete Guide to Sickness Absence

My HR toolkit: Sickness Absence provides an essential toolkit with practical guidance, meeting scripts and template letters to enable you to manage sickness absence within your business fairly and consistently.

My HR Toolkit: Sickness Absence will take you step by step through the sickness absence process. When you implement my HR Toolkit: Sickness Absence you will not only be legally compliant but you will also deal with sickness absence matters fairly and consistently as you reach logical and justified conclusions.

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Content of the Kea HR Toolkit: Sickness Absence

The Managers Guidance Notes have been compiled to support you step by step through managing Sickness Absence matters:

  • Top Drivers of Absence
  • Analysing Absence Patterns
  • Legal Considerations
  • Rights Under the Model Absence Policy
  • Rights Under the Contract of Employment
  • Procedural Requirements
  • Maintaining Contact
  • Return to Work
  • Absence During the Probationary Period
  • Managing Frequent Short Term Absence
    • Common Causes of Frequent Absence and Possible Impact of Workplace Factors on Absence
    • Attendance Improvement Notices
    • Fair Dismissal on the Grounds of Unsatisfactory Attendance
  • Managing Long Term Absence
    • What is Long Term Absence?
    • Managing the Period of Absence
    • Managing the Employees Return to Work
    • How to Implement a Phased Return to Work
    • Disability and the Equality Act
  • Other Absence Issues
    • Combined Periods of Short and Long Term Absences
    • Abuse of the Policy
    • Relationship with Annual Leave
    • Planned Operations
    • Donating Bone Marrow or Organs
    • Pregnancy Related Sickness
    • Medical Appointments
    • Terminal Illness
  • Access to Medical Reports
  • Statutory Sick Pay
  • How to Introduce a Company Sick Pay Scheme

Each section is supported by all the template documents you will need to navigate through the process and can be customised to suit your business style.

I enclose my Template Sickness Absence Policy in the resource materials, if you have a policy in place that you are happy with you can use that, but if you don’t have one or are worried yours may no longer be legally compliant you can use my template policy, which has been reviewed for compliance with GDPR.

The template documents include:

  1. Flow Charts: Frequent Sickness, Long Term Sickness and May Be Fit for Work
  2. Self Certification Form
  3. Letter to Employee Requesting Medical Certificate
  4. Letter to Employee Regarding Home Visit
  5. Sample Questions for a Home Visit
  6. Letter of Condolence – employee admitted to hospital
  7. Return to Work Meeting Record
  8. Guide to Conducting a Return to Work Meeting
  9. Invitation to Disciplinary Hearing – persistent absence
  10. Meeting Agenda
  11. Absence Improvement Notice
  12. Confirmation of Warning – persistent absence
  13. Confirmation of Final Warning – persistent absence
  14. Confirmation of Dismissal – persistent absence
  15. Request Authorisation to Seek Medical Report
  16. Model Letter to GP
  17. Invitation to Attend Independent Medical Examination
  18. Letter – Failure to Attend Medical Examination
  19. Invitation to Consultation Meeting – long term ill health
  20. Confirmation of Dismissal – long term ill health
  21. Notice of an Appeal Hearing
  22. Confirmation of Appeal Decision

Last updated: August 2018 to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Support with Interpretation and Application
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