HR Toolkit: recruitment

This HR Toolkit: recruitment helps you avoid common recruitment mistakes and provides clear, plain English, guidance to the recruitment process.

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What You Will Receive with this HR Toolkit: recruitment

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With this HR Toolkit you will understand the legal requirements and practical considerations related to the recruitment process.

My HR Toolkit: recruitment will:
  • Guide you through the recruitment process
  • Protect Your Business
  • Be Legally Compliant
  • Be Fully Editable By You
  • Be Easy to Navigate
  • Save Your Time

My HR Toolkit: recruitment will become your bible for you and recruiting managers. It provides an essential toolkit with practical guidance, meeting scripts and template letters to enable you to manage the recruitment process within your business fairly, transparently and consistently.

I recognised that owners of smaller businesses don’t have the time to create the documentation needed to manage recruitment consistently so I created my HR Toolkit: recruitment to enable you to quickly introduce a robust recruitment process into your business that will ensure all your recruitment decisions are based on candidate’s skills and abilities to perform the role.

My HR Toolkit: recruitment takes you step by step through the formal recruitment process. When you implement my HR Toolkit: recruitment you will will not only be legally compliant but you will also recruit employees fairly and transparently each and every time you recruit.

If you need extra help or advice I’m just a phone call away. Contact me.

Everything you need to enable you to introduce an effective recruitment process

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Who is the Kea HR Toolkit for?

My HR Toolkits are designed for busy business owners who want time-saving templates that are easy and quick to implement and will protect their business from costly tribunal claims.

Benefits of the Kea HR Toolkit: recruitment

My HR Toolkit: recruitment provides easy to follow guidance on how to recruit a new employee.

Complete Guide to the Recruitment Process
When you purchase the HR Toolkit: recruitment you will have instant access to everything you might need to manage the process of recruiting a new employee. The resource materials help you to recruit fairly and consistently every time you recruit a new employee.
Protects Your Business

My HR Toolkit: recruitment summarises all of your responsibilities in a logical order so you can’t go wrong. Carefully written guidance notes will ensure decisions are made promptly, fairly and consistently within your business and the comprehensive series of letters (which can also be sent as emails) and text messages cover every scenario.

Provides Instant Legal Compliance

I am constantly reviewing the content of my template documents. Where any statutory requirements are amended within 12 months of you purchasing the HR Toolkit: recruitment I will notify you and update your documents free of charge.

Fully Editable By You

All the resource materials such as letters and meetings scripts, are provided in Microsoft Word format so they are fully editable by you. You can cut and paste them to fit your letterhead, add your company logo to policies and reformat the font styles to suit your company style. There are clear prompts where you need to add text.

Easy To Navigate
The guidance notes and resource materials follow a logical order from planning the process to welcoming your new employee into your business. So it’s easy to find everything that relates to a specific step in the process. As you read the step by step guidance notes you will find the resource materials are provided in the order that you will need them.
Saves Your Time

I have done all the work for you, the Management Guidance Notes save your time by providing practical guidance on what you need to know and what you need to do and the resource materials mean you can simply click and go.

When you buy my HR Toolkit: recruitment you will be taking the first steps towards protecting your business

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Content of the Kea HR Toolkit: recruitment

The Managers Guidance Notes have been compiled to support you step by step through the recruitment process.

Step 1 Preparation
Step 2 Attracting Suitable Candidates
Step 3 Screening Candidates
Step 4 Interviewing Candidates
Step 5 Making an Offer to a Candidate
Step 6 Requesting References and Performing Background Checks
Step 7 Administration: Rejecting Unsuccessful Candidates, Retention of Recruitment Records

In addition to the HR Toolkit: recruitment you will receive:

  • Updates: I am constantly reviewing the content of my HR Toolkit: recruitment and if I make any changes within the first 12 months of purchase I will pass these on to you at no extra charge.
  • Legislation News: I will keep you up to date on new legislation and current hot topics in disciplinary matters.
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Here’s a complete list of what you will receive when you buy my HR Toolkit: recruitment:

Section 1: Preparaton

  • Avoiding Discrimination
  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • Considering Your Options
  • Describing the Job
  • Describing the Skills and Experience You Need
  • Agreeing Your Process
Section 1: Resource Materials for Preparation

  1. Basic Job Description
  2. Senior Job Description
  3. Job Descriptions and Person Specifications by Job Type
    • Accounting
    • Admin and Secretarial
    • Customer Service
    • HR and Payroll
    • IT
    • Sales
Section 2: Attracting Candidates

  • Advertising Externally
  • Advertising Internally
  • Using Social Media
  • Approaching Previous Candidates
  • Approaching Passive Candidates
  • Referral Programmes
  • Job Applicant Privacy Notice (GDPR)
Section 2: Resource Materials for Attracting Candidates

  1. Internal Job Posting
  2. Social Media Job Postings: facebook, linked in and twitter
  3. Linked In: Inmail introduction to a passive candidate
  4. Notification: New Job Opportunity for Previous Candidate
  5. Introduction to Passive Candidate
  6. Announcement to Employees: introduction of referral scheme
  7. Announcement to Employees: open position
  8. Announcement to External Network: open position
  9. Introduction to Referred Candidate
Section 3: Screening

  • Acknowledging Applications
  • Matching Candidates Skills to Your Requirements
  • Finalising the Screening Process
Section 3: Resource Materials for Screening

  1. Application Acknowledgement
  2. Application Acknowledgement with Screening Questions
  3. Job Applicant Privacy Notice (GDPR)
  4. Holding Letter:late applicant
  5. Matching Guidelines
  6. Matching Matrix
Section 4: Interviewing

  • Criminal Records and Vetting
  • Entitlement to Work in the UK
  • Preparing for the Interview
  • Inviting Candidates to an Interview
  • Conducting the First Stage Interview
  • Dealing with No Shows
  • Conducting Second Interviews
  • Extended Selection Techniques
  • Keeping Candidates Warm
Section 4: Resource Materials for Interviewing

  1. Invitation: phone interview
  2. Confirmation: phone interview
  3. Phone Interview Questions
  4. Phone Interview Assessment Form
  5. Invitation: formal interview availability
  6. Confirmation: formal interview
  7. Form: Eligibility to Work in the UK
  8. Confirmation: reschedule interview
  9. Interview Questionnaire
  10. Candidate Assessment Form
  11. Interview Questions: by job role and by behaviours
  12. Follow Up: interview no show
  13. Confirmation: progression to next stage
  14. Confirmation: second stage interview
  15. Confirmation: assignment to complete
  16. Holding Letter: delayed process
Section 5: Make an Offer

  • Timing
  • Informing the Successful Candidate
  • Confirming The Offer in Writing
  • Effective Salary Negotiation Tips

Section 5: Resource Materials for Making an Offer

  1. Conditional Job Offer
  2. Salary Negitotiations
  3. Internal Promotion Job Offer
  4. Job Offer Acceptance Form
  5. Next of Kin Form
  6. Bank Details Form
Section 6: Pre Employment Checks

  • Creating the Reference Questions
  • Company References
  • Personal References
  • Conducting Reference Checks Via Email
  • Dealing with Unsatisfactory References
  • Disclosure
  • Key Points To Consider When Requesting References

Section 6: Resource Materials for Pre Employment Checks

  1. Asking Candidates for References
  2. Letter to Referee
  3. Reference Request Form
  4. Background Check Update
Section 7: Administration

  • Rejecting Unsuccessful Candidates
  • Retention of Recruitment Records

Section 7: Resource Materials for Administration

  1. Candidate Rejection: no interview
  2. Candidate Rejection: after first stage interview
  3. Interview Feedback
Guidance Notes

Total pages: 101
Last updated: June 2018 to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Resource Materials

Total pages: 144
Last updated: June 2018 to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

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I bought this Toolkit to help me manage a disciplinary situation in my business, I was really surprised with the amount of information Kathryn provides and the quality of the letters and other supporting documents. This really is a step by step tooolkit.
I highly recommended her.
This Toolkit has become my Bible to disciplinary matters. The guidance is excellent and Kathryn is always available if I need advice on a specific situation or to check a letter that I have tweaked. The support materials provided in this Toolkit are excellent and it’s so easy to cut and paste them on to our letterhead and Kathryn is quick to respond if we contact her for advice on a specific situation.
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