HR Toolkit: Flexible Working

This HR Toolkit: Flexible Working will help you to deal with flexible working fairly and speedily.

What You Will Receive with this HR Toolkit: Flexible Working

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Complete Guide to Flexible Working

My HR toolkit: Flexible Working provides an essential toolkit with practical guidance, meeting scripts and template letters to enable you to manage flexible working requests quickly, fairly and consistently.

My HR Toolkit: Flexible Working will take you step by step through the formal Flexible Working process. When you implement my HR Toolkit: Flexible Working you will not only be legally compliant but you will also deal with Flexible Working requests quickly, fairly and consistently.

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When you buy my HR Toolkit: Flexible Working you will be taking the first steps towards protecting your business

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Content of the Kea HR Toolkit: Flexible Working

The Managers Guidance Notes have been compiled to support you step by step through the Flexible Working process:

  • Eligibility To Request Flexible Working
  • Meaning Of Flexible Working
  • Benefits of Flexible Working
  • Reasons for Requests
  • Triggering The Statutory Process
  • ACAS Code Of Practice
  • Considering The Application
  • Reaching A Decision
  • Confirming The Decision
  • Appeals
  • When Can An Application Be Treated As Withdrawn
  • Dealing With Unresolved Applications
  • Avoiding Discrimination

Each section is supported by all the template documents you will need to navigate through the process and can be customised to suit your business style.

I enclose my Template Flexible Working Policy in the resource materials, if you have a policy in place that you are happy with you can use that, but if you don’t have one or are worried yours may no longer be legally compliant you can use my template policy, which has been reviewed for compliance with GDPR.

The template documents include:

  1. Checklist for effective handling a request for flexible working
  2. Examples of Flexible Working
  3. Flow Chart
  4. Request for Resubmsission of Request (information missing)
  5. Invite to Meeting to Discuss Application
  6. Confirmation of Application Acceptance
  7. Confirmation of Application Rejection
  8. Invite to Appeal Meeting
  9. Confirmation of Appeal Acceptance
  10. Confirmation of Appeal Rejection
  11. Extension of Time Limit Agreement
  12. Confirmation of Withdrawal of An Application
  13. Homeworking Agreement

Last updated: August 2018 to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

In addition to the HR Toolkit: Flexible Working you will receive:

Support with Interpretation and Application
I will be available, at no extra charge in the first 12 months of purchase, to provide you with a quick check on the interpretation or application of the content of the HR Toolkit: Recruitment. There are no limits on the number of times you can use the facility, or the length of time each situation takes to resolve. You can use the facility to clarify a step in the process, seek advice on a specific situation that is happening in your business or send me a letter you have amended to check it is still legally compliant.
Always Up To Date
I am constantly reviewing the content of my HR Toolkit: recruitment and if I make any changes within the first 12 months of purchase I will pass these on to you at no extra charge.
Legislation News Legislation News
I will keep you up to date on new legislation and current hot topics in recruitment matters.
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