HR Project Management

Additional HR support for your business just when you need it!

Take advantage of over 25 years of experience in supporting Directors and line managers with managing HR projects and I will:
  • Deliver a Professional Project
  • Deliver Your Project On Time
  • Deliver Your Project Within Your Budget
  • Establish and Maintain Relationships With Stakeholders
  • Create A Seamless Implementation
  • Evaluate The Project
  • Protect Your Business

If you are struggling to keep all your HR balls in the air you will find working with me on a short term basis provides you with a quick and cost effective solution to managing your HR projects.

I love the challenge of a new HR Project, each one always has a unique set of variables that makes every step exciting.

Those unique variables mean I’m unable to provide an idea of costs on this page. For each HR Project you have in mind I would need to meet you to discuss your specific needs and from there I can design and deliver a solution that meets your requirements and budget.

I am an experienced HR Professional who can take the lead on your HR project, will identify and mitigate the potential risks that your HR Project may create and will also deliver your HR Project on time and within budget!

I take the stress and strain away by providing practical, expert and business focussed HR Project Management


What You Can Expect When You Outsource a HR Project to Kea HR

In large organisations there will often be a dedicated person or group of people who manage human resources projects including managing the budgets, resources (internal and/or external), timelines, risks and third party vendors. But in a smaller business there probably isn’t an experienced HR Professional on the management team. So when something unexpected happens or you want to change the way you do things then working with me on a short term basis is an excellent solution.

When you choose to partner with me you will benefit from:

A Professionally Delivered Project
I will meet with you to clarify the scope of your HR project and determine your desired outcome. Where there are different courses of action available to you I will explain the different routes you could follow along with the consequences of each of those. I will prepare a process map so we are all clear on what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and who is responsible for doing it.
I will proactively manage and communicate ongoing changes in project scope, identify potential crises and devise contingency plans.
Recover Your Time Button Your Project Will Be Delivered On Time
Tasks such as discipline and grievance investigations, implementing redundancies and restructures and managing complex people problems are time consuming pieces of work for an experienced HR Professional, but as the owner of a small business your first job will be to research the current legislation and then decide how to correctly interpret that in your business, all of which takes you away from your day job – running your business! These are the HR Projects that I am experienced in dealing with and I am here to keep you on track by providing you with guidance and support.
Outsourcing your HR Project to Kea HR means you have more time available to to focus on other important elements of your business.
Save Money Button (Blue) Your Project Will Be Delivered Within Your Budget
Creating a project budget is an extremely crucial part of the management of any project. Various things will need to be considered while calculating the budget such as employee costs, equipment costs, supplies costs, travel costs, training costs and overhead costs, etc

I will define what costs are required for each stage of the project and that the total spend does not exceed your budget.

I’m here when you need me to provide practical, expert and business focused HR Project Management.
Relationships Will Be Established and Maintained
I will establish and maintain relationships across the business to understand stakeholders needs, ensure alignment on objectives, and ensure ongoing buy-in across all project activities. Effectively set and communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders.
I will communicate with the team throughout the life cycle of the project.
A Seamless Implementation and Comprehensive Evaluation
One of the primary areas of focus during the implementation stage of a project is physically managing the change. It requires undivided attention to detail, experience at coordinating resources at every level and the ability to deploy without production interruption. I will conduct a project post mortem and make recommendations in order to identify successful and unsuccessful project elements.
I ensure there is a comprehensive and seamless transition to the post-implementation stage.
Business Protection Button (blue) Protection For Your Business
Dealing confidently and consistently with HR issues will minimise the risk of expensive employment tribunals and high levels of staff absence and poor performance.
I have a huge range of experience with HR project management including TUPE, Redundancy and Absence Management and will help you to minimise risk and remain legally compliant throughout your HR project.

It’s time to seriously transform, improve and refocus key component of your HR function


How Kea HR Can Help You

Here are some examples of the most common types of HR Projects I help existing clients with:

  • Audit Your HR Processes
    My audit will assess the effectiveness of your HR function and determine compliance with employment legislation in terms of: general business considerations, recruitment processes, contracts and staff handbooks, personnel records and documentation.

    I will produce a confidential written report identifying any areas where your business is at risk, with recommendations for improvement supported by a structured and achievable plan of action.

  • Design or Review Contracts of Employment
    It’s a legal requirement that every employee must receive a contract of employment within two months of starting work.

    I can create tailored contracts to suit your company style that help ensure your expectations are clearly set out from the beginning, so there are no misunderstandings as employment progresses.

  • Implement or Review Your Appraisal Programme and Support You With Managing Your Appraisal Process
    The Performance Review Process is a vital tool to improve performance but is also useful for harnessing commitment from your employees. So, if you don’t have a Performance Review Process your employees are being held back and that could make the difference between the success and failure of your business!!!

    If this will be the first time you have held appraisals with your employees I can support you through the process.

  • Improve Attendance at Work and Reduce Poor Attendance
    I will work with you to design an absence policy that is straightforward, enabling your employees to easily understand what they have to do as well as helping you to deal with employee absence quickly and consistently.
  • Investigate a Potential Disciplinary Situation
    In a small business when a disciplinary matter arises how do you, the owner of the business, demonstrate a fair process when you have investigated the situation, managed the disciplinary hearing and then heard the appeal? Here is a link to a recent Tribunal decision which highlights the importance of having different people leading each stage – even in a small family run business Henshaw v Touch Tanning Ltd ET/2605284/09.

    Since the introduction of the 2009 ACAS Code disciplinary investigations have become critically important prior to a formal disciplinary hearing.

    If you found yourself defending a claim for unfair dismissal the tribunal would look at how thoroughly you handled the investigation. They will look at:

    • who was spoken to
    • what evidence was gathered
    • could other people have been guilty
    • was there any admittance to the allegations
    • mitigating circumstances
  • Manage Redundancy and Restructuring Programmes
    I have led numerous redundancy and restructuring programmes and can offer a complete service that will reduce your business costs and improve work efficiency whilst ensuring your people are taken care of and treated fairly.

    I have the expertise to lead your business through difficult economic times. From the first discussion stages I will work with you to project manage the process and provide you with specialist advice and guidance to support your business at every stage.

  • Mediate When You Have a Dispute
    Mediation is a voluntary, safe and confidential process of dispute resolution in which an impartial third party facilitates a series of private meetings with the individuals.

    An impartial and non-judgemental mediator will create the conditions for dialogue between the parties involved and reach an outcome which is mutually acceptable and agreed by both parties, not the mediator.

  • Support You Manage Formal Employment Meetings
    When you are faced with a complex employee grievance, a disciplinary matter or even an appeal it may help to have an experienced HR professional support you through the formal meetings.

    I would guide you through every stage of your procedure to ensure that you act correctly and avoid costly mistakes.

    Employment Tribunals will uphold claims of unfair dismissal where a fair procedure has not been followed, even if you appear to have a valid reason for the dismissal.

  • Support with Negotiating Settlement Agreements
    Settlement Agreements, where an employee agrees not to make a claim against their employer in return for a financial settlement, were introduced in September 2013.

    I will support you with the ‘without prejudice’ discussions with the employee, preparation of the settlement agreement and negotiate with the employee’s independent advisor.

  • Support with Responding to a Tribunal Claim
    If an ET3 form has arrived on your desk you are probably looking for some guidance on how to respond and the next steps in the process.

    You have 28 days from the date of receipt of the ET3 and you will have received written confirmation of the deadline for responding with the ET3. Put the date in your calendars on your desktop and mobile and in your diary so that you do not miss the deadline.

    I can help you prepare your response, gather your evidence and put your statements together.

  • Support with Staff Transfers (TUPE)
    The Transfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, are generally referred to as TUPE.

    The Regulations provide protection for employees before, during and after the transfer from one employer to another.  Terms and conditions of employment are protected indefinitely.

    Whether you are the incoming our outgoing employer I will be able to support you through the process.

  • Take Notes at Formal Employment Meetings
    When you are chairing a formal meeting, such as a disciplinary hearing, it can be difficult to take comprehensive notes, keep track of what is been said and decide where you want the meeting to go next. I can ensure an accurate transcript of the meeting is recorded. My hand-written version will be available for you immediately and a typed version will be provided within 1 working day.

How Much Does it Cost?

Before agreeing to work for you I would need to gain a clear understanding of the scope of the work you require. I will then prepare a quote which will outline a Pay As You Go or Fixed Price arrangement.

Pay As You Go Arrangements
I will confirm the minimum and maximum number of hours I expect the work to take along with my hourly or daily rate. Unless something unusual or unexpected happens you will never pay more than the maximum cost quoted.

The hourly or daily rate I charge will reflect the level of skill and knowledge required for the work I am carrying out, for instance taking minutes at a disciplinary meeting would attract a lower rate compared to the rate I would charge if I was carrying out a disciplinary investigation on your behalf or negotiating a settlement agreement on your behalf.

Fixed Price Arrangements
Depending on the scope of the project we have discussed I may agree to work for you on a guaranteed fixed price.