HR Helpline Service

Asking questions as soon as issues arise will assist with the smooth running of your business.

As a member of my HR Helpline Service you will receive:

  • Peace of Mind

    Receiving tailored, quality HR advice when you need it will enable you to confidently deal with the HR issues you face on a daily basis. Plus, you won’t have to spend hours searching the internet for information that when you find it you can’t really be sure whether it’s legally compliant.

  • Dedicated Point of Contact

    You will always talk to me so you won’t waste your precious time explaining the background to a situation every time you call. I will get to know you, your business and your employees, this knowledge will help me deliver an effective solution to you every time you contact me and that regular contact between us will help me to pick up on issues at an early stage, making them easier and quicker to resolve!

  • Unlimited Remote Advice

    Unlimited remote advice in the 12 months from the date you join the service. There are no restrictions on how frequently you contact me, so every time you have a question or concern regarding an employee or group of employees you get in touch with me, via email or phone, and you will receive confidential, quality HR and employment law advice, which is in line with legislation and best practice. I will also translate all that technical stuff into a solution that suits the needs of your business. I respond quickly too, if something is happening in your business you need a solution today, not tomorrow or next week.

  • Practical Answers To Your Questions

    When you have a question about the application of a HR policy or how to handle a HR situation that is happening in your business I will talk through what is happening with you and will provide a practical and legally compliant solution.

  • Range of Solutions

    If you choose to work with me you’ll find I won’t baffle you with legal jargon nor will I sit on the fence by delivering a zero risk approach. Whatever HR situation you are facing I will probably have seen it before and will provide a straightforward explanation of the range of options available to you and will explain any risks associated with those options. You are then able to make a decision that is right for your business.

  • Step by Step Guidance

    I like breaking down processes into simple steps and my easy to follow flow charts, meeting scripts and checklists will ensure everything is done efficiently and compliantly in a professional, friendly and knowledgeable way. Having the whole process presented this way, rather drip fed to you, means you have the whole picture laid out clearly to you as a series of actions right from the very beginning. I will also provide letters to ensure that are able to implement the advice I have provided.

  • Follow Up

    I will follow up the advice with an email confirming the discussion(s) and will attach any documents, such as letters and checklists for meetings, from my library which you will enable you to implement the advice.

  • Responses Within 1 Working Day

    A response to your query within one working day. I appreciate how difficult it is to discuss, listen and take notes at the same time, so always provide you with written confirmation of my advice, so that you have a step by step process to follow along with all the letters, forms or meeting scripts you will need to implement the process.

  • Employment Law Updates

    Full briefings on the impact changes in legislation may have on your business. I don’t just tell you what is happening though, I will support this by recommending appropriate action. This will save your time researching HR processes and legislation.

Additional Resources To Boost Your Membership

As a member of the HR Helpline Service you receive discounted prices for the following services:

Additional Services Delivery Cost to You Saving
Provide On Site Support
I can provide on-site support when you need some hands on support in your business, for instance: attendance at management meetings or to support you with specific HR matters such as complex disciplinary situations, coordinating an investigation or planning and implementing a restructuring programme.

This is dedicated time for your business! When you have a complex issue happening in your business that you are struggling to deal with alone I will be there to support you.

As required £60 per hour £15 per hour
Manage A Recruitment Campaign On Your Behalf
I can recruit new employees on your behalf. I provide a fully managed recruitment campaign from preparation of the job description through to reference checking the successful candidate. I do all the work on your behalf, all you need to do is decide which candidates you will interview and then Interview them.
As required £599 £299
Review And Update Your Employee Handbook
I can review and update your Employee Handbook. By ensuring all your HR policies are legally compliant, consistent and easily understood you will effectively reduce the number of problems that could arise and will deal efficiently and effectively with those that do, managing the risk to your business and saving costs in the future. Your new Employee Handbook will clearly set out what you expect from your employees and what they can expect from you in return. It will reflect your existing working practices whilst taking into account your specific business needs and future goals.
10 Working Days £1,000 £500
Review And Update Your Contract of Employment
I can review and update your suite of employment contracts to ensure they explain your working practices, so your expectations are clearly set out from the beginning and so there are no misunderstandings as employment progresses. I will also ensure the content complies with employment legislation.
5 Working Days £450 £200

What My Customers Say

Excellent service, always a quick response to questions. Very professional and helpful. highly recommended her. The service Kathryn provides our small business is excellent! She always responds quickly and nothing is too much trouble. I would definitely recommend Kathryn. Kathryn always returns our calls quickly, provides straightforward advice and is very patient with us while we make our decisions.

Quality HR advice as and when you need it will give you the peace of mind you need to deal with the employment issues you face on a day to day basis without having to spend hours researching employment law.

Here’s what you need to do right now

The fees for my HR Helpline Service are based on the number of employees in your business and are payable as an annual subscription but to help you manage your cashflow I accept payments by quarterly and monthly instalments. To join the HR Helpline service simply choose your headcount and follow the buy now link for either annual, quarterly or monthly direct payment option. Once you have entered your payment details you will be redirected to this site when you will be asked to enter your contact details. As soon as I receive your membership request I will give you a call …

Headcount Monthly Payment Quarterly Payment Annual Payment
Up to 20 employees Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
21 to 30 employees Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
31 to 40 employees Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
41 to 50 employees Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
51 to 74 employees Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
75 to 100 employees Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
101 to 150 employees Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
151 to 200 employees Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

If your headcount is less than 20 then you may find my Ready To Go HR Department provides a more economical solution for you. If your headcount exceeds 200 I would be happy to discuss your requirements with you and provide a quote.