Fully Managed HR Support Service

Regular dedicated hands-on HR support for your business

Take advantage of over 25 years of experience in supporting Directors and line managers with the full range of HR issues and I will:
  • Protect Your Business
  • Provide Peace of Mind
  • Recover Your Time

You know your business. I know HR. So if HR issues are taking up more and more of your time and you want to introduce a regular HR presence into your business, at the fraction of the cost of employing a HR Manager, then talk to me about my Fully Managed HR Support Service.

When you partner with me as your HR Manager I will work closely with your business by providing dedicated support to you and your management team so you have the peace of mind that your business is protected. I will support you with every aspect of managing your people including management meetings, recruitment of new employees and bringing complex HR situations to a satisfactory conclusion quickly.

I don’t beleive in a one size fits all approach and will design my service to suit your circumstances and requirements. The service you receive will provide unlimited email and telephone when I will provide straightforward, practical and effective advice to help you resolve HR issues quickly. I will also provide on-site support as required, so when you have a complex issue happening in your business that you are struggling to deal with alone I will be there to support you.

Businesses who use this service do not have any internal HR expertise and generally have a headcount of between 35 and 150 employees. Some of those businesses have a HR Administrator who coordinates day to day activities and use me as an additional resource when something more complex happens.

Outsourcing your human resources to do list to me allows you to focus on what you know best.


What You Can Expect When You Outsource Your HR Activities to Kea

As a member of my HR Manager Service you will take advantage of my experience in handling employment issues and will benefit from:

  • Unlimited Remote HR Advice and Guidance

    As a business owner you will be all too aware how frequently HR matters can crop up and how quickly a simple matter can develop into a major headache. Those HR headaches can strike at any time and often decisions have to be made ‘on the spot’. I will be available for guidance and support with policy decisions and to help you resolve HR issues quickly.

    I have a proven track record of been the first point of contact for staffing issues in businesses and will be available to provide you with practical advice and support to deal with your HR matter, whilst ensuring you remain compliant with complex employment legislation.

    Asking questions as soon as issues arise will assist with the smooth running of your business. I provide practical human resources advice in answer to your questions as well as offering step by step solutions to your everyday employee problems. As a member of the HR Manager Annual Retainer Service you also receive discounts for updating your employment contracts and employee handbooks.

    Unlimited Remote Advice

    Unlimited remote advice in the 12 months from the date you join the service. Confidential advice is available Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 6pm. There are no restrictions on how frequently you contact me or for what reason you contact me. So every time you have a question or concern regarding an employee or group of employees you can phone me and will receive quality HR and employment law advice, which is in line with legislation and best practice. I will also translate all that technical stuff into a solution that suits the needs of your business.

    Dedicated Point of Contact

    You will always talk to me so you won’t waste your precious time explaining the background to a situation every time you call. I will get to know you, your business and your employees, this knowledge will help me deliver an effective solution to you every time you contact me and that regular contact between us will help me to pick up on issues at an early stage, making them easier and quicker to resolve!

    Quick and Practical Answers To Your Questions

    When you have a question about the application of a HR policy or how to handle a HR situation that is happening in your business I will talk through what is happening with you and will provide a practical and legally compliant solution. You will always talk to me, there’s no call centre or scripts here and if you need to call back you don’t need to start right back at the beginning! I respond quickly too, if something is happening in your business you need a solution today not tomorrow or next week.

    Range of Solutions

    If you choose to work with me you’ll find I won’t baffle you with legal jargon nor will I sit on the fence by delivering a zero risk approach. Whatever HR situation you are facing I will probably have seen it before and will provide a straightforward explanation of the range of options available to you and will explain any risks associated with those options. You are then able to make a decision that is right for your business.

    Step by Step Guidance

    I like breaking down processes into simple steps and my easy to follow flow charts, meeting scripts and checklists will ensure everything is done efficiently and compliantly in a professional, friendly and knowledgeable way. I will also provide letters to ensure that are able to implement the advice I have provided.

    Follow Up

    I will follow up the advice with an email confirming the discussion(s) and will attach any documents, such as letters and checklists for meetings, from my library which you will enable you to implement the advice.

  • On Site Visits

    This is dedicated time for your business! Enabling strong connections and working relationships to be developed across all levels of the company. The on site support is there for you to use when you need some hands on support in your business, for instance: attendance at management meetings or to support you with specific HR matters such as complex disciplinary and grievance situations, coordinating a recruitment programme or planning and implementing a restructuring programme.

  • HR Action Plan

    I will work with you to improve your HR processes and introduce an effective HR strategy with appropriate policies and procedures that will make your life easier, your business more effective and develop a consistent approach to HR procedures and decisions across the business. Ultimately that will free up you and your senior management team from being so involved in operational issues, enabling you to concentrate more fully on growing your business.

  • HR Policy Compliance

    I will develop your Employee Handbook to ensure it is legally compliant and easily understood. This will reduce the number of problems that could arise and will deal efficiently and effectively with those that do, managing the risk to your business and saving costs in the future.

    Your Employee Handbook will clearly set out what you expect from your employees and what they can expect from you in return. It will reflect your existing working practices whilst taking into account your specific business needs and future goals. Your Employee Handbook will:

    • Summarise the benefits you offer your employees such as holiday entitlement, bonuses, company cars and company sick pay
    • Describe the employment policies you will follow when dealing with common HR issues such as disciplinary matters and unsatisfactory levels of attendance at work.
    • Describe your working practices for instance you may want to clarify your expectations regarding attendance at work and payment for non-attendance during a period of adverse weather conditions, if you are a retail business then customer service and cash handling will be important to you and if you are a catering business then you will want to ensure your employees are familiar with your rules associated with their health and hygiene.

    Once finalised I will proactively review your Employee Handbook so you can rest assured it will remain compliant while you work with me. I will also coach you and your line managers in your HR processes.

  • Contract of Employment

    I will review and maintain your suite of employment contracts to ensure they explain your working practices so your expectations are clearly set out from the beginning so there are no misunderstandings as employment progresses. I will also ensure the content complies with employment legislation.

  • Confidential Employee Correspondence

    I will prepare confidential correspondence to your employees that not only remains confidential but will also ensure a consistent approach to communicating with your employees as well as compliance with employment legislation.

    I will prepare letters confirming probationary periods, variations to individuals’ terms and conditions such as pay increases, changes to working patterns and confirmations of contract extensions for temporary staff. I will also prepare tailored letters for HR matters such as sickness absence and maternity, adoption and paternity leave.

    All letters I prepare for you will be set out on your letterhead so you just have to print them off, sign them and either hand them out or post them on. All you will need to do is provide me with an electronic version of your letterhead, that could be as a word or publisher document.

  • HR Software

    My HR Software will help you efficiently and effectively manage your people admin. The software allows you to centralise your employee data including managing holidays and absences.

  • Employment Law Updates

    I will keep you and your management team up to date with relevant employment legislation. You will be fully briefed on the impact changes in legislation may have on your business. I don’t just tell you what is happening though, I will support this by recommending appropriate action. This will save your time researching HR processes and legislation.

Quality HR advice as and when you need it will give you the peace of mind you need to deal with the employment issues you face on a day to day basis without having to spend hours researching employment law.


Benefits of Outsourcing Your HR Activities to Kea

As a result of retaining me as your HR Manager, you can expect me to:

Business Protection Button (blue) Protect Your Business

Introducing clear and consistent HR Policies that comply with best practice, employment legislation and protect your business. I will also ensure HR issues are resolved quickly, confidently and consistently which will minimise the risk of expensive employment tribunals and high levels of staff absence and poor performance.

Peace of Mind Button Provide Peace of Mind

Receiving tailored, quality, advice and support with complex and challenging HR matters will enable you to deal confidently with all the HR issues you face, no matter how strange or bizarre they are. You will be confident that your contracts of employment, employee handbook and associated HR policies are legally sound because I will design them and then keep them up to date.

Recover Your Time Button Recover Your Time

Working as part of your management team I will ‘fire-fight’ all those HR issues that keep you awake at night. I will also reduce the time you are currently spending searching the internet for information every time an HR issue arises and remove the worry that when you find it you can’t really be sure whether it’s legally compliant.

I will act as your very own HR Manager and provide you with business critical employment law advice and HR management support across a wide range of staffing issues, leaving you free to focus on your core business activities