Bereavement Leave Compliance Pack

Bereavement Leave Compliance Pack

My Bereavement Leave Compliance Pack is designed for you to implement immediately and keep your business compliant with this new legislation that is introduced on 6 April 2020.

The package of materials includes:

  • Manager Guidance Notes: Quick reference guidance notes describe the employment legislation and best practice techniques. The Managers Guidance Notes cover:
    • Introduction to the new legislation
    • Compliance with GDPR
    • Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay
    • Bereavement/Compassionate Leave
  • Parental Bereavement Leave Policy: Expertly drafted to help save your time and ensure compliance with this new piece of legislation. The policy covers:
    • Eligibility
    • Amount of Leave
    • Notification
    • Cancellation
    • Commencement of Leave
    • Parental Bereavement Leave and The Relationship with Other Types of Statutory Leave
    • Staff Benefits
    • Right to Return After Parental Bereavement Leave
    • Multiple Deaths
    • Pay
  • Bereavement/Compassionate Leave Policy: The aim of this policy is to help you deal with the situation where an employee suffers the loss of a family member. The policy covers:
    • Notification
    • Amount of Leave
    • Commencement of Leave
  • Forms and Letters
    • Letter explaining to managers the introduction of parental bereavement leave
    • Form to record that an employee is taking parental bereavement leave
    • Letter to an employee confirming that they are taking parental bereavement leave
    • Form for an employee to provide notice and evidence of entitlement to parental bereavement pay

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The Bereavement Leave Compliance Package For Employers guides you clearly and concisely through the minefield of managing an employee who has suffered the loss of a child or another family member.

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Fixed Price HR Package: Bereavement Leave Compliance

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