What Do You Need Your HR Manager To Do For You?

The answer will be different in every business.

Solid HR processes provide happier, more productive employees, who stay with you longer.

Ensuring each employee is working at their full potential will help grow your business and generate more long-term profits.

How can Kea HR help you achieve your HR goals?

The answer will be different for each of you reading this. Why? Because every business is different: the industry you are in, your headcount, the maturity of your business, your culture and management style will have an impact on the type of HR support that will be effective in your business.

The main difference between you will be how much time and patience you have to deal with things yourself! You may want the work done for you so you can concentrate on other areas of your business, or you may be looking for guidance and support so you can do it yourself.

Employment Law is regularly updated and often significant areas of best practice and legal requirements can be changed. It is imperative therefore, that your Employment Law knowledge is kept up to date throughout the year.

The products and services described on this site are meant as a guide. If you are not sure what level of support will be right for your business please get in touch and we can have a chat about where you are now and where you want to be.

Here are some of the different ways I can help you:

Fundamentally HR is about ensuring that each employee is happy in what they are doing and where they are doing it. Why? Because a happy employee will be productive, innovative and above all loyal.

Do It Yourself HR Products and Services

Even when budgets are tight you still have to manage your people and need to be able to trust that you got it right.

I have many years experience as a HR professional, including providing advice to and writing guidance documents for line managers. My Do It Yourself documents are generic and here to help you, but you may need to tailor them to suit your business style. My Do It Yourself HR products and services are designed by me to be easy to use and to be fully editable by you so they can be implemented quickly. When you buy a product you will receive instant access to it.

Start Protecting Your Business Today

Done For Your HR Products and Services

As your business grows you will be spending more and more time sorting employees problems and are probably finding some of those problems are a bit tough.

Unfortunately, in many businesses the Directors are wearing many hats including what it has taken HR professionals years of training and experience to become proficient in. In addition, you are expected to keep up to date with constantly changing employment legislation.

This is where I can help by becoming your outsourced HR department. When you partner with me you will instantly and easily have the resources you need and the confidence and peace of mind to focus on the other aspects of running your business.

My Done For Your HR Products and Services provide dedicated access to your very own HR professional.

I take the stress and strain away by providing practical, expert and business focussed HR Advice and Guidance

Want to ask a question about my HR products and services?