Introduction of Neonatal Leave and Pay

The chancellor’s Budget for 2020 included a provision to allow parents of premature babies to claim an additional £160 per week for every week their child is in neonatal care, up to a maximum of 12 weeks. No further details were given about when this entitlement would be introduced.

The government will also be considering how a statutory carers’ leave entitlement would be designed, with a consultation expected to be published shortly. It said the new entitlement would apply to employees with unpaid caring responsibilities for family members or dependents.

Published 21 August 2019

Introduction of Neonatal Leave and Pay

The Government is consulting on the introduction of Neonatal Leave and Pay for parents of babies who require to spend a minimum of two continuous weeks in neonatal care, immediately after birth.

Under the new proposals, parents (regardless of their length of service) would be entitled to one week of neonatal leave and pay for each week that their baby requires to be in neonatal care, up to a maximum number of weeks (with views being sought on what this maximum should be).

It is proposed that neonatal leave would be available in addition to existing rights to time off for family-related leave and would be taken at the end of a father/partner’s paternity leave and at the end of a mother’s maternity leave.


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Introduction of Neonatal Leave and Pay