Review Your HR Policies

Spring is a great opportunity to review your HR policies. Employment legislation is constantly changing and your HR policies can easily get out of date.

Key policies that have changed in the last few years include:

  • Data Protection – changed following the introduction of the Generdal Data Protection Regulations in May 2018
  • Zero Hours Contracts – changed following the ban on the use of exclusivity clauses in May 2015
  • Shared Parental Leave – introduced for mothers and fathers of babies due on or after 6 April 2015
  • Adoption Leave – changed to mirror Maternity Leave and Pay in April 2015
  • Absence – changed by the introduction of the Fit for Work scheme in 2015 and Fit Notes in April 2010
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave – extended to allow fathers to attend ante-natal appointments in October 2014
  • Flexible Working – extended to all employees from June 2014
  • Parental Leave – extended to 18 weeks in March 2013
  • Paternity Leave – changed by the introduction of Additional Paternity Leave in April 2011
  • Retirement – removed by the Employment Equality (Repeal of Retirement Age Provisions) Regulations April 2011
  • Bullying and Harassment – changed by the Equality Act October 2010
  • Absence – changed by the introduction of the Fit Note in April 2010
  • Discipline and Grievance – changed by the introduction of the New Acas Code of Practice in April 2009

If any of these policies have not been updated since the associated legislation was introduced or changed then your Employee Handbook, or individual HR policies, are overdue a review.

Key policies that are due to change in the not too distant future include:

  • Parental Bereavement Leave – New this new entitlement will allow employed parents who lose a child to two weeks’ paid leave to allow them time to grieve and will be introduced in April 2020
  • Holiday Reference Period – CHANGES will increase from 12 to 52 weeks in April 2020
  • Written Statement of Main Terms and Conditions of Employment – CHANGES becomes a day one right in April 2020

The new piece of legislation will need thought and planning as to how it will work in your business before it becomes a legal requirement and the amended pieces of legislation will have an impact on your existing HR policies and will require some thought and planning before they become a legal requirement.


An hour of my time can save MANY hours of your time!
I can review your Employee Handbook for compliance with employment legislation and provide a written report detailing which sections of your handbook are out of date because legislation has changed and therefore putting your business at risk. I will also include my general observations of how the user friendliness of your Employee Handbook could be improved.

You will receive your report within 5 working days of sending me your handbook.

Review Your HR policies

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