Statistics released for employment tribunal claims for the period April to June 2018 show significant increases in the number of claims being brought.

The Ministry of Justice has released a report which presents the latest statistics on type and volume of employment tribunal (ET) cases that were received, disposed of or were outstanding for the period April to June 2018.

The key figures highlighted in the report show that:

  • The number of single ET claims received increased by 165% compared with the same quarter last year.
  • There has been an increase of 56% in the number of ET claims disposed of in comparison to the same quarter last year, whilst the backlog of single ET claims has increased by 130%.
  • In 2017/18, disability discrimination claims received the largest average award (£30,700) compared to other discrimination jurisdictions, while Religious discrimination had the lowest average award (£5,100).
  • There were 14,500 applications for refunds of tribunal fees paid (prior to their abolition last year) and 12,400 refund payments made, with a total value of just over £10.6 million.

These statistics show the significant increase in the number of ET claims employers are now facing in light of the abolition of tribunal fees in July 2017.

Maximum and Average Awards for Unfair Dismissal and Discrimination 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018

Maximum Award Average Award
Unfair Dismissal £415,227 £15,007
Age Discrimination £10,432 £6,796
Disability Discrimination £242,130 £30,698
Race Discrimination £124,979 £24,322
Religious Discrimination £6,846 £5,074
Sex Discrimination £36,616 £13,212
Sexual Orientation Discrimination £24,100 £12,550


This upward trend in ET claims will result in increased pressure for employers while they spend time and resources dealing with claims. If you need assistance in defending an ET claim please contact me.

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Substantial Rise in Employment Tribunal Claims for the period April to June 2018

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