The Law Commission has issued a consultation paper on reforming employment law hearing structures.

The issues on which it seeks views are:-

  • extending limitation periods in employment tribunals, mostly to six months;
  • raising or removing the £25,000 limit for breach of contract claims, and allowing tribunals to hear breach of contract claims while the employee remains employed;
  • whether tribunals should have power to allow multiple Respondents to seek contributions from each other;
  • giving the EAT jurisdiction to hear appeals from the Central Arbitration Committee on issues of union recognition (currently these can only be challenged by way of judicial review);
  • allowing employment judges to sit in the civil courts when hearing civil court discrimination claims, or creating an ’employment and equalities’ list of specialist judges.

The Law Commission is an advisory body only; its recommendations will not necessarily be implemented.

The consultation closes on 11 January 2019.

Consultation Commences on Reforming Employment Law Hearing Structures

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