When you partner with me as your Human Resources (HR) Manager I will work closely with your business and support you and your management team to achieve what they need by getting even more out of their teams.

Fully Managed HR Support

Regular dedicated hands-on HR support for your business

Fully Managed HR imageI will work as part of your management team and will support you with every aspect of managing your people including management meetings, recruitment of new employees and bringing complex HR situations to a satisfactory conclusion.

I will provide enough on-site support to successfully complete your HR responsibilities and will be available in between the on-site visits via email and telephone to provide straightforward, practical and effective advice to help you resolve HR issues quickly.

HR Project Management

Additional support for your business just when you need it!

Project Management ImageIf you have a specific HR problem I will work with you on a short term basis. Examples of recent projects undertaken are: supporting managers with disciplinary, grievance, recruitment and redundancy situations; preparation of an employee handbook and contract of employment.

I can provide step-by-step advice, can visit your business premises to support you through a difficult or sensitive meeting or can take the lead on your project – freeing up your time to get on with running your business.

HR Helpline

One hour of my time can probably save many hours of your time!

Helpline ImageAs a business owner you will be all too aware how frequently HR matters can crop up and how quickly a simple matter can develop into a major headache. When one of those headaches crops up you need an answer today – not next week!

My ‘HR Helpline Service’ is here for you to use just when you need it, I will provide straight-forward answers to your HR questions, no matter how routine they might be and will support that advice with the tools you need to get the job done.

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