In my recent article How to Deal Effectively with Unsatisfactory Levels of Short Term Absence I discussed the processes you need to adopt when an individuals level of absence becomes unsatisfactory and referred to the services of a Occupational Health Advisor when investigating unsatisfactory absence.

What are Occupational Health Advisors?

Occupational Health is about the well being of employees whilst carrying out their employment, with the aim of reducing accidents and injuries along with reduction in lost working time.

Unlike GP’s, who are Generalists, Occupational Health Advisors are specialists that deal with the ill-effects of work on the health of employees and the impact that ill-health can have on an individual’s to carry out their job. They’re qualified to deal with a vast range of workplace issues and will provide a more thorough assessment than a GP including visiting your business premises. With regard qualifications some will be qualified Doctors whilst others will have a nursing background. You will also find some Occupational Health Advisors that have chosen to specialise in specific areas such as stress or ergonomics.

Advantages of Occupational Health Advisors

  • they are specialists in work-place ill-health issues
  • they can provide impartial advice on an employee
  • they can provide a more in-depth medical assessment
  • they can visit you at your business premises

How to Contact Occupational Health in Practice
Telephone: 07743 379009

Occupational Health in Practice

Occupational Health in Practice are based in Sheffield and employ qualified Occupational Health staff and have access to Occupational Health specialists when required.

  • Pre-employment Assessments
  • Medical Assessments
  • Health Surveillance
  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry
  • Driver Medicals
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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